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Valium Abuse

Valium is a drug that is mainly prescribed for sedative, muscle relaxant, anti-convulsive, hypnotic and anxiolytic uses. In general, this drug is usually used to treat insomnia and anxiety that may either be moderate or severe. However, when this drug is used for a very long period of time, the user normally develops tolerance to it which means that dosage has to be increased for the same effect to be achieved.

In addition to this, Valium also creates a psychological and physiological dependency after long usage. On the other hand, this drug is also used for relieving muscle spasms and spasticity that is normally caused by tetanus, stiff man’s syndrome and other neurological disorders. It is also very useful in relieving anxiety in patients who are supposed to go through surgical procedures.

Even though this is a very useful drug, it has a very high potential of being abused and can also lead to addiction and/or dependence. Most people are usually unable to distinguish between addiction and dependence; hence, they usually use the terms interchangeably to mean the same thing. Physical dependence is usually developed when the body gets used to the effects produced by Valium but it does not, necessarily, mean that a person is addicted to it.

Valium Abuse

In most instances, you will discover that a very large percentage of the people who abuse this drug usually abuse other illicit drugs as well. Research has established that these people normally use Valium as a secondary drug in order to complement the ‘high’ that the main drug is giving them.

Nonetheless, people who use Valium, as prescribed, are also prone to addiction and/or physical or even psychological dependence. Since this drug has a very high level of dependence, its withdrawal symptoms are normally very severe. In general, people who have withdrawn from Valium suffer from convulsions, tremors, muscle cramps, dysphoria, insomnia, vomiting, abdominal cramps and sweating.

However, the more severe symptoms are usually more prevalent in people who have been abusing the drug for a relatively longer period of time. It is, therefore, significant for addicts to lower the dosage gradually until the dependency is curbed instead of stopping the use of Valium all at once.

Valium is a drug that has a very high level of intoxication, especially when mixed with other drugs. In the event that a large dose of this drug is mixed with alcohol, the resulting combination normally leads to respiratory arrest or even a coma.

The antidote that is mostly used in the event of overdose is normally flumazenil. This is a drug that is mostly used in patients who lose consciousness in unexplained circumstances in the emergency room. Doctors usually have to look for several substances in the body of a patient who has been admitted due to Valium overdose.

In conclusion, Valium is a drug that should only be used as per prescription given and under the supervision of a physician. This is mainly why its use is regulated by the government.

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