Valium Abuse Symptoms

Valium Abuse Symptoms

Many people in the United States at the present moment are involved in the abuse of prescription drugs and valium is among the most abused. This is a drug that is usually prescribed by the doctor in order to relax the muscles or sedate patients as well. In addition to this, the drug is also used for relieving spasticity as well as spasms of the muscles which are normally brought about by disorders of neurological natures.

However, valium is usually abused mainly due to the reason that it has a relatively high level of addiction and dependence. The dependence is mostly confused for addiction even though they vary greatly since even people who use the drug as prescribed are also prone to physical and psychological dependence.

The degree of dependence is usually higher on the people who abuse valium nonetheless. Most of the people who abuse this drug normally abuse other hard drugs that are usually illegal.

This is owing to the fact that they mostly require valium to boost the ‘high’ that they have already gotten from these other drugs. This is mainly the reason why doctors usually search for other substances in the body of a patient who has been brought to the hospital due to overdose form valium.

Valium Abuse Symptoms

It is very significant to be more aware of the symptoms that abusers of this drug exhibit so that you may be able to help a family member or friend who is an addict. The main signs that you will notice are sleepiness (even at odd hours) and clumsiness that is usually brought about after ingestion of the drug. However, these are not the only signs to be on the lookout for owing to the fact that the addict may be successful in concealing them.

There are numerous other signs which normally include: Blurred vision, racing heartbeat, dry mouth, slurred speech, abdominal cramps and shaken speech. These are signs that usually reveal themselves when the person in question has been taking the drug for a very long period of time.

In addition to this, there are also other symptoms that addicts display such as: Convulsions, problems urinating, memory loss, breathing problems, staggering, trembling, hallucinations, headaches and confusions. When a number of these symptoms are prevalent, this means that the specific person in question abuses valium.

On the other hand, it is also vital to become aware of the withdrawal symptoms since they go hand in hand with the abuse ones. Normally, they begin to show when the addict has stayed for a long period of time without taking the drug or has stopped usage altogether. The symptoms that an addict will exhibit are similar to those that alcohol addicts usually show. They generally include: tremors, convulsions, vomiting, sweating, muscle cramps, and abdominal cramps.

Besides, many people who abuse this drug are also more prone to overdosing on it since they do not have a doctor’s prescription to follow. The signs to look out for in such instances are: Reflex capabilities that are diminished, confusion, sleepiness and at times even coma.

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