Valium Abuse Side Effects

Valium Abuse Side Effects

Valium is a prescription drug that is highly abuse countrywide in America. This can be attributed to the fact that it is a prescription drug which makes it readily available over the counter. In addition to this, it is also significant to note that the drug has a high potential of being abused owing to its addictive natures. Besides, valium is a drug that has a very high level of dependence which is generally both physiological and psychological.

According to statistics, most of the abusers of this drug use it as a secondary drug since they usually abuse other illicit drugs. They mostly use valium supplement the feeling that they mostly acquire from these other drugs. In most instances where a person has been brought into a hospital due to valium overdose, doctors have to establish the presence of other illicit drugs as well.

Valium is a drug that is used in the medical circles mainly for muscle relaxant and sedative reasons. In addition to this, the drug is also useful when it comes to relieving the spasms of the muscles that are normally brought about by a variety of the neurological disorders. Besides, doctors also use the drug for relieving spasticity cases as well.

Most people usually begin using this drug as prescribed by the doctor but the use gradually spirals out of control and hence becomes abuse. Tolerance is then created as a result which means that dosage has to be increased for the same effects to be achieved.

Valium Abuse Side Effects

Most of the people who abuse this drug are either unaware of the side effects or are just ignorant of the consequences of their actions. The main side effects that this drug has is making the abusers sleepy at odd hours and making them very clumsy as well.

This is usually prevalent when a very huge dose of the drug has been taken and especially in combination of other illicit drugs. Since the body has become accustomed to the drug, when it does not receive the normal dosage then its functionality is compromised.

There are also numerous other side effects that abusers normally suffer from and they include: A racing heartbeat, blurred vision, abdominal cramps, dry mouth, slurred speech and shaken speech.

Once the drug has been taken for a long period of time, dependence is then inevitable which will force the abuser to continue with the habit. There are other side effects which usually occur on people who have abused the drug for longer times and they are: Convulsions, severe headaches, trembling, confusions, staggering, and loss of memory, hallucinations, and difficulty in breathing.

Moreover, other side effects also start to crop up when the drug has not been ingested into the body in the specific times that the abusers have accustomed it to. These side effects usually include: Tremors, muscle cramps, abdominal cramps, excessive sweating, convulsions, vomiting, confusion, sleepiness and even coma.

Theses side effects are also similar to Valium abuse withdrawal symptoms that the drug has which means that the withdrawal process should be conducted in a gradual process.

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